Members Badge Draw

Members Badge Draw

Date: Every Thursday Night
Time: 7pm, (and 8pm if not drawn beforehand)
Location: Club Dubbo

$$$ Will it Jackpot?  $$$$

Every Thurssday night at 7pm,  we will draw one badge number out, if that number is yours and you just so happen to be in the club then the cash is yours!

If nobody claims the first draw, we will do it again at 8pm!

If you would like to become a member of Club Dubbo and be included in the Badge draw, please click here.

Please note: Our Members Badge Draw is for current financial members. Non-financial members are not included in the draw.  Club Dubbo's financial year runs from 1st June to 31st May.

Terms and Conditions of Entry

  • The name of the Promotion is “Members Badge Draw”

  1. Promotion period

a)  Commences Friday 1st November 2019 at 6.00pm

b)  Finishes Friday 29th October 2021 at 8.00pm

  1. Eligibility 

a)  Current financial Members, Directors and Club employees (including contract catering staff) are eligible to win the badge draw.

b)  The Clubs Chief Executive Officer is not eligible to win the badge draw.

c)  Club Employees (including contract catering staff) who are on shift at the time of the draw being conducted are not eligible to win the badge draw.

  1. Entry & Draws

a)  To enter the draw, members must be current and financial.

b)  At 7.00pm every Thursday during the promotion period, a membership number is drawn using a random number generator consisting of current financial membership numbers. 

c)  The members name and badge number will be announced audibly and clearly using the club’s Public Address system. 

d)  The members name and badge number will also be displayed on a television located in the main lounge so that all members present at the time of the draw have a fair and equal opportunity to claim the prize.

e)  If the member is present at the time of their number being drawn, they will have four (4) minutes to present themselves to the person conducting the draw. If, the member has not claimed the prize within four (4) minutes, another number will be drawn at 8pm on the same evening. 

f)If the prize is not claimed at 8pm, the badge draw will jackpot by $100.00 for the following weeks draw.

  1. Prizes

a)  The cash prize commences at $1,000.00. If, after the draws at 7pm & 8pm the members badge draw has not been won it will jackpot each week by $100.00 until it is won.

b)  If the members badge draw is won it will commence the following week at $1,000.00

c)  The maximum cash prize that can be paid at the time of the draw is $2,000.00. For all remaining balances over the $2,000.00 limit, payment will be made via cheque or direct deposit. Please note: Additional payments will be actioned on the Monday following the badge draw.

  1. The ‘Members Badge Draw promotion is Authorised under NSW Permit No. LTPS/19/39174